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Product Care & Maintenance

King Casual Furniture manufactures casual outdoor furniture from recycled plastic lumber (RPL) because it’s a durable, environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional lumber. The material we use is made from an extremely high-performance polymer that doesn’t require sealing, painting, or staining. It will not rot or splinter and contains UV inhibitors that resist fading. It contains no filler, such as wood fiber, that would cause moisture absorption and promote bacterial growth. The recycled
the material used in our plastic lumber is a combination of consumer waste and industrial by-products which would normally be disposed of in landfills.

To care for King Casual Furniture, simply clean it regularly with soap and water (avoid pressure washing). The stainless steel fasteners used to assemble your furniture are practically maintenance-free under normal conditions. (We use only the highest quality stainless fasteners; however, in coastal areas, the high salinity environment may cause corrosion, and eventually, fasteners will rust if not washed and rinsed with fresh water on a regular basis.) Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean your furniture